Dear Shareholders,

It is my first year as CEO and the hazing came hard and fast. Even though 2019 was a very challenging year we stuck to our values of offering high quality products and services, providing outstanding value to the customer, and doing the right thing for our community and the world.

As proof of our high quality products we won new contracts with our B2B customers and achieved tremendous growth in our food service business. Our main Restaurant and Bakery business did maintain its profitability through strategic cost savings and improving operational efficiencies. We made initial progress in enhancing customer experience through key store renovations, staff grooming, as well as digital Joy card member and payment app. Furthermore, we continue to reduce plastic packaging use by another 80 tons through package redesign and the introduction of paper straws. We worked with Sampran Model to source an ever increasing range of organic fruits and vegetables for the health and wellbeing of our customers.

At S&P we will focus on our strengths and commit to changing faster for the future by bringing in high calibre professional talents to spearhead our transformation to becoming Asia’s top influential brand.

Strengthen the Core, Create the Next for 2020 and beyond !

Our priorities include :

  1. Strengthen Top of mind Cake shop status by embracing e-commerce and social commerce as well as our strong delivery network
  2. Reclaim top of mind Thai restaurant status with mouthwatering menus. Strengthen our chefs academy and research facility to ensure authenticity, quality and innovation.
  3. Introduce high quality handmade Thai sweets to preserve our heritage and provide product variety for our customers.
  4. Boost delivery business by partnering with all aggregators. As well as strengthen our own 1344 S&P Delivery system for greater accessibility and convenience for all customers.
  5. Re-organize and develop our people to be more agile, goal oriented, and good team players. Restructure systems and processes to be more efficient and productive.

Finally I would like to thank everyone for your trust and support. And be assured that S&P executives and staff shall continually strive to improve the quality and value of our products and services.

Mr. Vitoon Sila-On
Chief Executive Officer

IR Contact 02-785-4000

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